creating the competition

A while back Tommy, a golfing buddy, had expressed an interest in collecting corkscrews.  Shortly after giving him Don’s book, I was sniped on a toolmaster by him.  I was okay with it, as I have several…but, I had hoped it wouldn’t happen too often.
so…We played golf (9 holes) on Wednesday and talked more about corkscrews…After shooting a blistering 49 (ouch!), I returned home and pulled up ebay before heading to school.  I saw an interesting rack and pinion piece, but left it alone as I have several. 
I grabbed coffee, and hit refresh, refresh, refresh, and suddenly the rack had a buy it now on it of 35 $.  A fair price, so I snagged it.
While at school, I checked my email, and a note arrived from Tommy expressing a "good job" on the rack.  It was HIM; He had asked for the BIN…   I apoligized for taking it, but he explained no harm no foul.  To which I replied, "you have learned well grasshopper…"
So…ebayers beware….Tommy is hyped up for corkscrews, and apparently is looking to BIN people.

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