45 on the front, let’s not talk about the back

Curses, foiled again!
Yesterday’s round started great.  Par, bogey, par, par….and, I was having the best time, until the 9th.  Suddenly, the wheels came off.  Odd how that happens.  And, with a triple on the 9th, I was at 45.  Starting the 10th, it went down hill; for a whopping 98!  Funny, on the 8th hole, I was thinking I was going to shoot about 87 for the day!  So, the Sand King keeps the trophy for now.   But, it won’t be long….
On another golf note, Tommy whacked his 8 iron into an OB marker and broke it in two pieces (the club, not the OB thing). 
We are off to Cambria this morning…!

Wednesday Morning

Since the last entry, I attended the Elkhorn Flea, made a few purchases on ebay, and have been offered a boatload of money for a couple of corkscrews.
Elkhorn netted a couple of Williamson Flashes, and Edwin Jay frame, a couple of multi-tools, and  a two tooled bow.  eBay has been interesting as of late.  More people are using snipe software, and fewer are bidding initially.  The frenzy that is the closing 5 seconds of an item is amazing.  And, hitting refresh whilst watching an item will have it go from 24.95 to 225.00  in those closing moments.
The coolest piece, and my first barscrew, was snagged this week.  A german bar screw, marked DRGM and what appears to be CLYCLOP, it is shown in Ferd’s book as being a 1925 patent.  At $24.95, I am pleased.
Golf this morning with the weekly foursome.  Noah (aka THE SAND KING) has us playing at Glendale Lakes… lots of water, into which he is hoping I hit several times.   I will report on scores later!
Tomorrow we leave for Cambria for 10 days… no computer access, so eBay is ripe for the taking! 

long bike ride to an estate sale

I hit the road this morning, and had cranked out about 20 miles when I saw a sign for an estate sale.  I locked up my bike, and waited in line with the attendees.  After finally making it in the house–I hate waiting bytheway–you could not help but notice the unbelieveable art collection; Erte, Maxx, etc.
I headed to the kitchen and dining room.  No corkscrews!  I headed to the area where their silver was laid out; NO CORKSCREWS!  I made it into the garage and found a Walker frame corkscrew, a nifty, and a tap-boy.  Given that I got all three for 50 cents, I was pretty pleased all in all.  Then, I made more more swing through.  Nope, no corkscrews had appeared whilst I was in the other rooms.
So, I paid my 50 cents, hopped back on my bike and headed off again.    I did find another cool thing during todays ride.  A press credential from the 1968 democratic convention…anyone need one?

No corkscrews at the box

I walked up to the post office box today, hopeful that one of the 17 corkscrews that are owed to me would be there.  And, alas, there was none.  Maybe tomorrow.
I did manage to win an 1886 theiry and croselmire patent silver corkscrew, although that is designed to be a gift for someone.  And, I did find a neat little two tooled bow–pictures in a couple of days when these pieces arrive.  Or, when the other 17 arrive.
Sunday is the huge PRIDE parade in Chicago, which happens to go right by our house.  Of course, Sunday is also a huge flea market.  I am a bit conflicted, but I am thinking I can hit the flea and still be back to see all the boys hooping and hollarin’.
I had a bunch of auctions end this morning, and I too am echoing Peter’s cry…where have all the bidders gone?!?  Speaking of bidding…eBay has started a blog site.  So, I started a blog there too.

Rain, Thunder, Lightning, and no corkscrews

After driving an hour and fifteen to Noah’s local golf course, we were told that we wouldn’t be able to play due to the weather.  Apparently, holding a 9 iron in your hands, while lightning is striking nearby is not a good idea.   So, golf was cancelled, and the trophy remains in the hands of the Sand King.
We had breakfast instead, and I hung around until an antique mall opened, only to find no corkscrews.  None!
Perhaps today the corkscrew gods will smile upon me!

another corkscrew

after waiting for a month for it to arrive, a corkscrew from Russia finally did.    Well, actually it wasn’t FROM russia.  The seller is from russia, the corkscrew is from Germany.  it is a wonderful piece marked DRGM and with the registration number.
the second photo is a little less impressive, but will prove important tomorrow morning.  It is THE ball which will help me take back the golf trophy from Noah in the morning!  Take that sand king!!!!!!!

off to sandwich

Sipping coffee this morning, and making preparations for the drive with the lovely to Sanwich, IL for an antiques fair.  Hopefully a few corkscrews will find their way into out hands!
updates and pictures to follow our return.
WHERE HAVE ALL THE EBAY BIDDERS GONE!!!!!  was a cry heard from England yesterday, very little action on some nice items on ebay…what happened, did all of you give up?  have you stopped collecting corkscrews?  or, are you out doing something more productive than hunting and clicking?

no pictures, but one giant corkscrew

That dealer mentioned the other day didn’t come through with pictures, but she promises they will be sent on Monday.  So, it is a couple of days of my imagination running wild over what will be offered.
I did manage an interesting eBay buy yesterday however.  A GIANT corkscrew for a very small price.  I actually didn’t even expect to win.  But, enroute is a 7 foot long can opener corkscrew which set me back $3.99.
I may actually whack this back on ebay, but it might also help me opening a huge can of soup if ever I should run across one.

the weekly foursome

I am talking about golf…jeez you people are dirty minded.
So, last summer we had a weekly foursome that would go out and chase the little white ball around, or in Tommy’s case the little pink lady ball.  And, over that summer we came up with a suitable trophy.  It ended up in Noah’s golf bag, and I am sure will be mounted at some point.
While 3 of the 4 of us have played a couple times togethe this year, and a new trophy has been chosen, this coming wednesday will be the first time we all get together to play.  So…if all goes well, and Noah actually counts his strokes correctly, the trophy will be in my possession come wednesday afternoon!
Anyway…Peter has listed an Obstando henshall corkscrew…I am currently trying to convince him to make a deal for it.  We shall see.
No major corkscrew arrivals to report, although there may be a few on the horizon.  The same dealer that sold me both the silver horse thingy and the theiry and crosselmire patent last year is supposed to send pictures of more corkscrews today!


It is Sunday morning, and much like many Sunday mornings, I am off to the flea market.  I haven’t been to this particular flea in a couple of months, so hopefully something new will turn up–or rather, something old, rare, and with a helix attached.
I managed an awesome corkscrew on ebay, one I have never seen before, other than in books.  It was listed for 24.99, and I noticed it, I ran downstairs to the library and picked up Fred O’Leary’s book.  There is was, a Barnes Patent bow corkscrew.  I skipped back up the stairs, and clicked on the corkscrew listing again.  It had a BUY IT NOW on it.  This was put on after the fact, but I had nothing to do with it–that was until, I clicked the button and won the corkscrew.
Sometimes the BIN works in your favor, sometimes the BIN works against you…in this case, someone elses BIN was a welcome sight!