It is Sunday morning, and much like many Sunday mornings, I am off to the flea market.  I haven’t been to this particular flea in a couple of months, so hopefully something new will turn up–or rather, something old, rare, and with a helix attached.
I managed an awesome corkscrew on ebay, one I have never seen before, other than in books.  It was listed for 24.99, and I noticed it, I ran downstairs to the library and picked up Fred O’Leary’s book.  There is was, a Barnes Patent bow corkscrew.  I skipped back up the stairs, and clicked on the corkscrew listing again.  It had a BUY IT NOW on it.  This was put on after the fact, but I had nothing to do with it–that was until, I clicked the button and won the corkscrew.
Sometimes the BIN works in your favor, sometimes the BIN works against you…in this case, someone elses BIN was a welcome sight!

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