the weekly foursome

I am talking about golf…jeez you people are dirty minded.
So, last summer we had a weekly foursome that would go out and chase the little white ball around, or in Tommy’s case the little pink lady ball.  And, over that summer we came up with a suitable trophy.  It ended up in Noah’s golf bag, and I am sure will be mounted at some point.
While 3 of the 4 of us have played a couple times togethe this year, and a new trophy has been chosen, this coming wednesday will be the first time we all get together to play.  So…if all goes well, and Noah actually counts his strokes correctly, the trophy will be in my possession come wednesday afternoon!
Anyway…Peter has listed an Obstando henshall corkscrew…I am currently trying to convince him to make a deal for it.  We shall see.
No major corkscrew arrivals to report, although there may be a few on the horizon.  The same dealer that sold me both the silver horse thingy and the theiry and crosselmire patent last year is supposed to send pictures of more corkscrews today!

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