long bike ride to an estate sale

I hit the road this morning, and had cranked out about 20 miles when I saw a sign for an estate sale.  I locked up my bike, and waited in line with the attendees.  After finally making it in the house–I hate waiting bytheway–you could not help but notice the unbelieveable art collection; Erte, Maxx, etc.
I headed to the kitchen and dining room.  No corkscrews!  I headed to the area where their silver was laid out; NO CORKSCREWS!  I made it into the garage and found a Walker frame corkscrew, a nifty, and a tap-boy.  Given that I got all three for 50 cents, I was pretty pleased all in all.  Then, I made more more swing through.  Nope, no corkscrews had appeared whilst I was in the other rooms.
So, I paid my 50 cents, hopped back on my bike and headed off again.    I did find another cool thing during todays ride.  A press credential from the 1968 democratic convention…anyone need one?

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