Wednesday Morning

Since the last entry, I attended the Elkhorn Flea, made a few purchases on ebay, and have been offered a boatload of money for a couple of corkscrews.
Elkhorn netted a couple of Williamson Flashes, and Edwin Jay frame, a couple of multi-tools, and  a two tooled bow.  eBay has been interesting as of late.  More people are using snipe software, and fewer are bidding initially.  The frenzy that is the closing 5 seconds of an item is amazing.  And, hitting refresh whilst watching an item will have it go from 24.95 to 225.00  in those closing moments.
The coolest piece, and my first barscrew, was snagged this week.  A german bar screw, marked DRGM and what appears to be CLYCLOP, it is shown in Ferd’s book as being a 1925 patent.  At $24.95, I am pleased.
Golf this morning with the weekly foursome.  Noah (aka THE SAND KING) has us playing at Glendale Lakes… lots of water, into which he is hoping I hit several times.   I will report on scores later!
Tomorrow we leave for Cambria for 10 days… no computer access, so eBay is ripe for the taking! 

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