corkscrews…what else

Another picture came from Mark, with an explanation that his son found it for 7.50.  Pictured below is said corkscrew; a gemelli barman!
Don’s first listings of Alf Erickson’s collection sold yesterday, and there were some surprises.  The biggest, in my mind, being that Alf’s arm with the corkscrew/hook/fork/woodenhand attachment didn’t go beyond 700 bucks.  Oddly, you would have thought "joints," a guy from Oklahoma who dealt in prosthetics and for a while spent as much money as anyone, would have been all over it.  It really would have made some interesting art for his office.
No corkscrews for me however, the napier key yesterday was the only one of the weekend.  Hopefully, the corkscrew gods will smile upon me this week! 

heat, humidity, and a napier key

Chicago, like much of the rest of the country, is HOT!  And, the humidty doesn’t help much.  Still, I made it out to the Chicago Antiques Market this morning, and found a lovely Napier Key corkscrew for a fair price.
When I arrived home, I received an email from Mark who is out antiquing today.  He takes pictures of his finds with his cell phone and sends an email; usually with one or two words.  The first of the day says "8 bucks"  the corkscrew is pictured below.


Last week a Dickson patent corkscrew dissappeared off of ebay…And, while it could very well be that the seller decided to keep it, save it, sell it later, misplaced it, etc.,  it is more likely that someone made them a healthy offer and they decided to sell it off of ebay.   Perhaps the corkscrew will resurface later on ebay, at a cccc buy and sell, or in some trade offer. 
Today a silver and mother of pearl corkscrew disappeared.  In talking to the seller, they explained that someone in their family asked if they could have it, so it is no longer for sale.  I am wondering if there is a corkscrew collector that is a fourth cousin twice removed that was suddenly adopted.
On another note.  The pickwick brush has yet to arrive, but a picture of said golf trophy was found online. 

playing 9 for corkscrews

Well, as luck would have it, I gave Tommy (he of the pink lady ball) a buzz and he was already on his way to the golf course.  He said he would swing buy and pick me up, and I grabbed a corkscrew and headed for the door. 
When we arrived, and waited on the first tee, we negotiated a bet.  A theiry and crosselmire sterling overlay corkscrew against a syroco pickwick brush and syroco bulldog brush.  Best score takes all, but given our propensity to stink up the golf course, if during the first hole either one of us wanted to call off the bet, we could.
And, then we tee’d off; by the end of the first hole Tommy was already ahead by 2 strokes.  But, buy the third, we were back even.  Then, I was up by two, then only up by one.  Going into the 9th, I had a 3 stroke lead, but was lying 4 with Tommy close in lying 2.  It was a battle all the way to the wire, but in the end, I was triumphant!!!!!!!!! 
On another note…I got an interesting corkscrew on ebay this morning for 3 bucks.  I know I should know what it is, but for some reason the maker and vintage escapes me…it is pictured below

more corkscrews

I started to clean out a closet yesterday preparing for our upcoming move to Boston.  Out came golf clubs, sleepingbags, and most amazingly a box of corkscrews.  How did they get in there, I thought out loud.
Then, while I was going thru the box of twisted treasures, the lovely (da luvalie) walked down stairs with half a dozen corkscrews in her hand; shortly thereafter arriving with 6 more.
It was about this time when I realized, okay… I have a lot of corkscrews.  I packed the better ones carefully into a box, when she arrived with about 5 more…
"nightstand" she said. 
I looked back and smiled…
"you always said I should get a hobby," I replied
Laughter ensued.

packing up corkscrews

For all those that haven’t heard, or read, "da luvalie" and i are moving to Boston.  So, before we list our house in Chicago, I felt compelled to pack up some corkscrews.  It is amazing how long it takes to pack several hundred corkscrews.
So, I packed, and packed, and packed, and packed.  I looked at a couple which Peter may want, left out a few so the mapcase which houses the corkscrews would still look presentable, and then put together a small lot that may be put on ebay.  21 corkscrews, including the DRGM Kummer patent…
Now… I know that some of you are thinking…if he has packed them, where is he putting them.  And, can I hijack the moving truck enroute.
On another corkscrew note, it does appear that the corkscrew from yesterday is marked.  I only looked thru a magnifying glass, but it looks to be a JS….not sure though.

booty in brimfield

Whilst dodging the rain in brimfield, I found a seller who had a couple of corkscrews.  A ivory handled direct pull, a couple of williamsons, and an interesting metal direct t pull with fancy engraving.  I asked how much for each, and when he got to the engraved one the price was fairy high for what it was.  I asked him if he could do better.  He did…then, I asked him if he could do better, he did… then the rain started to fall, and he went even lower. 
So, I left still feeling I over paid, but there was something about this corkscrew.  I have never seen another one, but the engraving seemed familiar.
Well, I was waiting for the "da luvalie" to come home last night, I grabbed some silver polish and rubbed the corkscrew as if it were a German Chancellor.  And, lo and behold the thing polished right up.  And, there looks to possibly be a makers mark on one end.  Unfortunately, I have misplaced my loupe.
The pictures below show the before and after, and the handle looks like it should be a roundlet, which it isn’t.  It is just a lovely silver (?) corkscrew that was definitely worth the price!

whiskey corkscrew

I picked up this little corkscrew in california…it is a whiskey corker, but unscrews to reveal a corkscrew.
Of bigger note… I picked up a group of 9 corkscrews on ebay today.  Mostly common stuff, simple bow, williamson’s, maybe a walker…but, hidden within the grouping was a Singleton Bow! Yes, A Singleton Bow!!!!!  It looks to have some surface rust, and we will have to see if it is marked, but regardless say it with me, "A Singleton Bow!!!!!"

griswald and chinnock

well, it seems that Alf Erickson is selling off a portion of his corkscrew collection, and that Don Bull is to be brokering the sale.  I saw pictures today and there are so many corkscrews in every shape and variety it just boggles the mind.  Of interest to me, however, is the griswald and a chinnock…I don’t have either, and am considering making an offer…
awesome stuff…but the prices will be high…what to do, what to do, what to do…