booty in brimfield

Whilst dodging the rain in brimfield, I found a seller who had a couple of corkscrews.  A ivory handled direct pull, a couple of williamsons, and an interesting metal direct t pull with fancy engraving.  I asked how much for each, and when he got to the engraved one the price was fairy high for what it was.  I asked him if he could do better.  He did…then, I asked him if he could do better, he did… then the rain started to fall, and he went even lower. 
So, I left still feeling I over paid, but there was something about this corkscrew.  I have never seen another one, but the engraving seemed familiar.
Well, I was waiting for the "da luvalie" to come home last night, I grabbed some silver polish and rubbed the corkscrew as if it were a German Chancellor.  And, lo and behold the thing polished right up.  And, there looks to possibly be a makers mark on one end.  Unfortunately, I have misplaced my loupe.
The pictures below show the before and after, and the handle looks like it should be a roundlet, which it isn’t.  It is just a lovely silver (?) corkscrew that was definitely worth the price!

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