packing up corkscrews

For all those that haven’t heard, or read, "da luvalie" and i are moving to Boston.  So, before we list our house in Chicago, I felt compelled to pack up some corkscrews.  It is amazing how long it takes to pack several hundred corkscrews.
So, I packed, and packed, and packed, and packed.  I looked at a couple which Peter may want, left out a few so the mapcase which houses the corkscrews would still look presentable, and then put together a small lot that may be put on ebay.  21 corkscrews, including the DRGM Kummer patent…
Now… I know that some of you are thinking…if he has packed them, where is he putting them.  And, can I hijack the moving truck enroute.
On another corkscrew note, it does appear that the corkscrew from yesterday is marked.  I only looked thru a magnifying glass, but it looks to be a JS….not sure though.

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