playing 9 for corkscrews

Well, as luck would have it, I gave Tommy (he of the pink lady ball) a buzz and he was already on his way to the golf course.  He said he would swing buy and pick me up, and I grabbed a corkscrew and headed for the door. 
When we arrived, and waited on the first tee, we negotiated a bet.  A theiry and crosselmire sterling overlay corkscrew against a syroco pickwick brush and syroco bulldog brush.  Best score takes all, but given our propensity to stink up the golf course, if during the first hole either one of us wanted to call off the bet, we could.
And, then we tee’d off; by the end of the first hole Tommy was already ahead by 2 strokes.  But, buy the third, we were back even.  Then, I was up by two, then only up by one.  Going into the 9th, I had a 3 stroke lead, but was lying 4 with Tommy close in lying 2.  It was a battle all the way to the wire, but in the end, I was triumphant!!!!!!!!! 
On another note…I got an interesting corkscrew on ebay this morning for 3 bucks.  I know I should know what it is, but for some reason the maker and vintage escapes me…it is pictured below

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