I swear I can small bruschetta…

Here I am blogging whilst the lovely is requesting bruschetta. I will grab some olive oil, bread, and the rest in a moment…

The lovely is in town, although she heads off for California in the morning. So, we took advantage of the weekend for some running along the lakeshore, some dinners out, dinners in, and a trek out to Kane County for the Flea Market this morning–lots of pulling and twisting.

Ever the helix hunter, the lovely (or Da Luvalie as Peter calls her) came across many corkscrews. Some awesome some not so awesome. However, she and I did come away with some neat finds:

An anri lamppost guy with a music box–after several hours of surgery "three blind mice" still doesn’t sound like all the rodents are in tune.

A hercules type, unmarked

A wooden club looking corkscrew…

And, a vaughn’s bottle cap remover….this wouldn’t be significant except, there are two on their original advertising card. Pictures to follow.

A great day in the sun; traipsing along looking for corkscrews and dodging the smell of popcorn in peanut oil… The champagne in her glass is getting low, I must start the bruschetta as she just picked up a carving knife…

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