golf, toolmaster, and a waiter

School started yesterday, so it looks like the golf season will soon be over. However, Tommy and I did manage to go out and play 18 this morning. Front 9 wasn’t so bad, but there were a couple of ugly holes. The back 9 would have been okay except for one hole; # 11.

Yes, a par 5 with water, more trees than you could imagine, and a tractor and truck parked infront and to the right of the green. I got blocked by a tree, kicked out to someone else’s fairway, and hit over the trees, truck, tractor, and workers to put it within 8 feet. Unfortunately, that shot was my 7th at that point!! We are now referring to #11 as the devil’s hole!

When all was said and done, we made it thru 11, and things could only get better. And, they did improve slightly.

Not a major wager for the round, but I managed to win a toolmaster with leather pouch despite my score.

After the round, I ran out to an antique mall not to far from my house that I hadn’t visited in some time. I popped my head in, and talked to the owner who walked to the back and showed me a syroco waiter. Before I could ask how much, she had already knocked 20% off the price. I handed over the cash, and headed home.

Not a bad morning all in all!

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