Back from Boston –again

I hopped on a plane to Boston on Friday…and, prepared for the 2 hour flight. Looking forward to a lovely dinner with the lovely in the North End, I was a bit peaved by the 40 minute delay. No worries, at least it isn’t 2 hours like last week. So, we climb into our seats, and wait for the standby folk to get on board. Then… it started to rain. And, I don’t mean rain, I mean the skies turned black and it seemed as though someone was literally pouring buckets of water on top of us. I knew the 40 minutes wouldn’t be the only delay.

Soon, the pilot got on the intercom and explained there was lightning in the area, so we would have to wait a few minutes. A few minutes later, he explained that all airtravel at that moment in Chicago had been ceased. So, we sat, and sat, and sat. The wind picked up, and we could feel the plane moving side to side. A fellow passenger got an email on her blackberry explaining there were tornado conditions in the area–never good news when you are on a plane.

Well, 3 hours later the weather cleared, and we took off.

A great weekend in Boston. We have decided on the corkscrew room in our new (old) home, and we have contractors doing the floors next week. We did manage to have dinner in the North End, and while there was no corkscrewing, there was much discussion about going to Copenhagen next year for the CCCC.

The flight back from Boston was uneventful (and on time even).

The latest syroco corkscrew arrivals are pictured below

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