traveling to Boston and Back…

Well, this commuting back and forth to Boston thing would be great if it wasn’t for the delay on either end of the airport part of it. It has been 5 weeks thus far I have been doing this, and yesterday was another airport fiasco! The lovely was flying to California, and I to Chicago, so we hopped in a cab, and made it to the airport with plenty of time. When we left our place both flights showed ontime. When we arrived at the airport some 10 minutes later, the Chicago flight said "delayed."

No one was there to talk to, so we wandered around, had breakfast, and then went to customer service. "There is a mechanical issue," was the answer. We finished out coffee and assumed they would put me on another flight. Well, it gets to be close to the time for takeoff and I go to talk to the people at the gate. Only passengers who are making connections in Chicago will be given standby status, as all of the other Chicago flights are over sold. And, our 8 o’clock flight will be given an 11:00 decision. This all makes no sense to me, but it is par for the course.

I made a few phone calls, kissed the lovely bride–who managed to get on her flight–and rebooked myself to Washington DC where I could then catch a flight to Chicago. Just before boarding, I checked back with the Chicago flight to see if there had been any changes. At that point, a 1:00 decision was the forecast–I have always wanted to have lunch at Dulles (read sarcasm here).

I did finally make it back to Chicago. Hopped in the Mini, and headed to our place by Wrigley Field–which is for sale if any of you are so inclined.

No corkscrew stories to mention, except that the guy who won my strait patent has yet to contact me, email me, or send payment–3 weeks late (grrrrrrr!). Lots of syroco’s online currently –two clowns, a monk, a knight, and several others. Odd that they turn up all at once…

On the lighter side, below you will see a picture of the glorious view from my plane ride(s) yesterday.

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