findings in Maine

As mentioned a couple of days ago, da Luvalie and I drove up to Maine on a quest the other day. We did manage to stop off at a couple of antique stores along the way, but what ended up in our back seat was a very large lovable chesapeake bay retriever named "Hunter."

90+ pounds of slobbering-tailwagging-joy, he jumped in the back of the x-terra and patiently waited as we dashed from antique store to antique store on our way back to Newton Highlands.


the arrival of Helix!

No, not Helix Borrett, but yet another helix.

We had boarded Farrow and Jackson at the local vet while we were moving from Chicago to Boston, and upon going to pick them up, saw a very round kitty that was put up for adoption. We looked at each other and knew we had to bring him home.

He is quite the interesting fellow. His most recent adventure was to find a hiding place so ingenius that we spent hours looking for him. We thought he may have gotten out, and without a collar we were quite worried.

Da luvalie went off to work, and I started to get ready for my daily painting of the house, and what should I find but in the third drawer up in my dresser, but Helix the Cat! How he managed to get in there is beyond me, but it has now become his favorite hiding place…

Off to Maine

After a quiet T-giving, which included crawling around in the mud and the rain trying to get Jackson (the kitty) to come back inside the house, tomorrow we had to Maine for the day. And, while we are going up to visit a dog rescue organization, I am sure we will be hitting every antique shop that is open along the way, and back. Hopefully this will garner some corkscrews.

I haven’t heard from Don Bull in a while, I wonder if he has disowned me? Am I out of the will?

Also, I was contacted by a collector who wants to sell off his entire collection. Some interesting pieces in the pictures he has sent thus far, including a painted clown syroco–picture is below

Gobble Gobble Gobble Gobble Gobble

No turkey here. Da luvalie and I chose not to indulge in turkey and trimmings, and we managed not to make the traditional thanksgiving lasagna. Instead, we opted for filet mignon, a gorgonzola ravioli and assorted vegetables. Of course, wine was involved in all courses, all preparations of all courses, and all courses leading up to and following all courses.

happy t-giving peeps!

farrow and jackson

As mentioned several days ago, da luvalie and I adopted two kitties recently whom we named farrow and jackson. they are quite the pair; farrow is a little skittish but is really a big pussycat, and jackson is very adventurous hopping from box to box, window to window, and has a decided interest in moths.

Peter requested pictures, so they are posted above, or below, or somewhere on here.

On a corkscrew note, I ventured out to the local antique malls and found corkscrews (read surprise here). I think the Boston area may provide some interesting hunting grounds!

old corkscrew

For those of you who like to chase the little white ball around and also collect corkscrews, there is a new destination for you to try. In searching the internet for old corkscrews, I ran across Jack Nickalaus’ new golf course called, "old corkscrew golf club" Perhaps we should call Jack to see if he would invite the corkscrewteers for a round, or the entire CCCC.