a neat addition

I created a new search on eBay to try and garner a few more syroco corkscrews, syroco openers, and hopefully a little more on the company’s history. And, the other day a syroco catalog appeared! I was excited, but was sure that one of the other syroco folk would be all over it.

Somehow, it was slipping through! I picked it up for just over the opening bid–thanks for making pay the extra 5 bucks Tommy–and it arrived yesterday afternoon. No corkscrews are shown, as it predates their manufacture by about 20 years. Dated 1923, this is a leather bound piece in pretty good shape. It gives a bit about their history, but some interesting verbiage about the process as well.

The cover is shown below

an interesting lunch

So, I headed out to grab a sandwich for lunch, and found myself at an antique store–no they don’t sell sandwiches. However, they did have a couple of corkscrews and I walked away with a fancy shanked walker with horn handle, a r. murphy rollover corkscrew, a zig zag marked "38," and a r. murphy marked direct pull. Not a bad lot, although in my excitement, I forgot to get lunch…

offline and happy christmas

twas the day before festivus, and she roamed the house.
corkscrews were everywhere, and she said to her spouse,
"this screwy habit of yours, is taking over our flat"
he looked at her astonished, whilst stroking "Helix," the cat.

do you think, we could stop, just for a day she requested.
he nodded his head, thinking of the time he invested
so festivus will be a corkscrewless day
except for one’s use on a puligny-montrachet

it’s only one day, and then back to corkscrewing
to BINing, to sniping, to refreshing/renewing
so, ebay is yours lads, for one day at least
whilst I prepare osso bucco and a festivus feast.

no corkscrews in the mail

no corkscrews arrived today…oh, how times have changed…

I did dig out a 1949 edition of the "TIPPLER." This is a catalog that was published by barmart. I leafed through and found several corkscrews featured, no syroco but there was a reference to the "lifetimer" so, at least we know that it was being produced prior to 1950.

maybe there will be something of note on eBay…

the corkscrew gods have forsaken me!

quarterly worme arrives

the December issue of the Quarterly Worme arrived today–for those of you not in the know, that is the newsletter for the Canadian Corkscrew Collectors Club. And, the December issue is always fun as in that mailing, everyone’s best 6 is published. Well, at least I thought everyone’s best 6 would be published.

This is not a commentary on the QW editors, but at the members of the CCCC. WHERE ARE YOUR BEST 6’s??????????

There are only 10 in the mailing! And, one of them is mine!

what happened peeps????????

Back from Maine

Maine was beautiful, and the weather was fantastic. One corkscrew, one anri elephant corker, and an interesting leather carrying case were the treasures of the trip. But, then again, we spent most of the time just bopping around Vinalhaven (no antique stores).

Some snipe bids netted out some corkscrews while we were gone however. Two henshalls, a moxie opener, and a frame corkscrew with brush will be heading my way.

Heading to Maine and Grumpy

Not that I am grumpy mind you, sneezy yes, but definitely not grumpy. That title is reserved for a fellow collector that was voicing his grumpiness earlier today… What has made him grumpy you ask…well, it would seem that many collectors/buyers/corkscrewers have not been on ebay lately and items that usually would garner a healthy sum are sneaking through untouched–making sellers grumpy, and buyers…ecstatic. It has been the last couple of months now that this has been going on. I am sure however, that within short order we will be back in an up market. And, the grumpy fellow will go back to being his non-grumpy self.

On another note…the display case that I had refinished, top taken off, and lined with cork to house the corkscrew collection won’t fit up the stairs. Frustrating! Anyone need a 10 drawer antique map file with a glass top?

As for da luvalie and I, we are heading to Maine in a couple of hours for the weekend. Hopefully a few corkscrews will be found along the way!

the eBay scammers follow up…

The other day, I mentioned an ebay scammer who purchased an item… he has since asked for my full name and mobile number…the text below is the latest email from him…

I’m ok with the price for the item. I’ll be using this opportunity to let you understand that you’ll be receiving the payment in mode of check from my client and the amount you’ll be receiving will be more than the item fees. Like i told you i’m purchasing on behalf of my client and the excess payment is my own commission with the money i’ll need to pay for our shipping company. So i want you to promise me that you are so honest to deduct just the amount for the item and send the excess money through westernunion as soon as you receive the payment from my client. The payment will be sent immediately you agree with me to deduct just the amount for the item and send the balance through any WESTERN UNION OFFICE well known to you and you’ll be receiving it the next day.
 There won’t be any problem about the shippment. I’ll be handling that with my DHL# so i want you to get back to me asap now with your full mailing information. Email me your full name, address and phone# now if you agree and assure me that you’ll deduct just the amount for the item and send the balance through WESTERN UNION  so that the payment can be sent immediately.
notice i want you to go and end the auction for me i would end it by my self but i dont know i to do it if u can do that for me i will adding $10 to your payment
Below are the questions i have for you.
1)is the item in good condition?
2)is any WESTER NUNION location where you can send the balance money arround you?
3)can you make sure you get the payment cashed at your bank the sameday you receive it?
4)can you allow me to send DHL for the pick up and complete the transaction the day you receive the
If yes to all my questions, kindly email me back your full name, address and mobile# asap today

a tale (tail) of two scotties

One of the harder to find corkscrews in the syroco-realm is the scotty dog with the corkscrew attached at the tummy. I am fortunate enough to have two (both of which cost me very little).

Over the last week, two of the collectible canines appeared on eBay. The one that ended earlier in the week hit a whopping $585! Yes, five hundred eighty five dollars! Then last night, a collection of corkscrews was listed as "Vintage Lot of 7 Corkscrews dog, driftwood , France,". And, with a buy it now of 24.99, the item lasted 31 seconds before being snapped up! The treasure in the lot was yet another scotty!

My two scotties are pictured below.