Heading to Maine and Grumpy

Not that I am grumpy mind you, sneezy yes, but definitely not grumpy. That title is reserved for a fellow collector that was voicing his grumpiness earlier today… What has made him grumpy you ask…well, it would seem that many collectors/buyers/corkscrewers have not been on ebay lately and items that usually would garner a healthy sum are sneaking through untouched–making sellers grumpy, and buyers…ecstatic. It has been the last couple of months now that this has been going on. I am sure however, that within short order we will be back in an up market. And, the grumpy fellow will go back to being his non-grumpy self.

On another note…the display case that I had refinished, top taken off, and lined with cork to house the corkscrew collection won’t fit up the stairs. Frustrating! Anyone need a 10 drawer antique map file with a glass top?

As for da luvalie and I, we are heading to Maine in a couple of hours for the weekend. Hopefully a few corkscrews will be found along the way!

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