questions from eBayers

Q: I’m interested in your folding corkscrew. The two hinge actions – are they firm or loose, please describe. They should be very firm. Regards Wally

A: They are nice and firm, looks like little use but obviously it is very old. Thanks John

Q: Hello Are the joints tight on the folding piece? Are there any maker’s mark on it? Thanks Tom

A: Joints are nice & tight, cant see any maker. thanks John

Q: Hi, Could you please add a buy it now option? Cheers

A: I cannot do this as it has an offer, sorry but thanks John

Q: Hello,what costs the dispatch to France olease?Thank, Catherine.
A: I am only guessing but think about £5. Thanks John

Q: Could I persuade you to split the items and to sell me the fold up corkscrew separately? How about £40 for a buy it now deal? Happy New Year to you.

A: sorry i can not do this as there is a bid, but thanks for the offer. i would have thought £ 40 would easily buy it, be very pleased if it makes more. thanks John

Q: i had sent an email asking for a buy it now, but as there is a bid that can’t happen…is there a price you are hoping for, and no…they don’t go together

A: thanks, l am into vintage cars so no nothing about these or what it will fetch hence eBay., the small one is clearly very old. thanks John

Q: Is there any rust on these openers?

A: They are a little rusty, but would polish nicely but was always told its the best way to ruin something this old? thanks John