what are the odds

So, I get up this morning, grab some coffee, and head off to New Hampshire to a small antique show–supposedly 80 dealers. I get there early, meander around a bit, and pick up a common williamson, an pass on a 75$ tool kit. Given that there aren’t that many dealers, and they were still setting up when I got there, I go back around for a second pass. Then, in the very next booth, I over hear someone say, "actually, i am a corkscrew collector." I eyed him up and down, and seeing as I didn’t recognize him, I introduced myself.

Not a member of the CCCC, he explained he had 500 corkscrews, and gave me his business card. Knowing that there were still a few booths to go, that had set up late, I did what any self respecting collector would do. I kicked him in the shins, and quickly hit the last few dealers…

Okay, I didn’t kick him in the shins, but, the thought crossed my mind.