Schutzenliesl !

It is always nice to have friends who have done plenty of research. The girl on the side of the corkscrew has turned up on another corkscrew, and a couple of pocket knives. Check Don’s site here .

At last year’s JFO convention I saw DB’s corkscrew–Don won some award for best display–and, I had forgotten about it over the passing months. Then, when TC presented this silver(?) overlay corkscrew, I recognized the girl. But, wasn’t sure…was it the same one? After exchanging emails with Don, it definitely is.

Tommy seemed to be pleased with the trade–and now he can have a syroco waiter clock to time the cooking of his ross pig pork butt!

And, I…I have a lovely silver corkscrew which will be used later this evening.

Tommy has started a blog. He kind of new to the game, but he is quickly amassing a nice collection.


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