Shopping for Shirts

there is this great little shop on Sheffield Avenue in Chicago called–oddly enough–Shirts on Sheffield.  And, twice a year they have this unbelieveable sale; every shirt in their shop (usually 60-160 bucks) is on sale for 35 dollars!  This week is that sale.  So, I headed off to pick up some new clothes and I did manage to pick up some lovely stuff.
Now, here is the odd part.  They have a second location about a mile or so away which is not on Sheffield–called Shirts off Sheffield–and they too are having a sale.  But, there, any shirt is 40 dollars…
I have no idea why it is 5 dollars more, or 5 dollars less…on the other hand, when you can get a 130$ shirt for 35 or 40 dollars who really cares…
Nothing new on the corkscrew front, except that there is a mumford patent heading my way.  It is a double, if anyone wants to trade…

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