wireless in the classroom

So, I was in class last night and we were having a discussion of qualitative research software programs, and as I am doing quantitative research, I perused ebay for a moment (I am such a bad student). And, there it was before me a sterling medicine corkscrew in what looks to be fabulous shape. I emailed the seller to ask about the markings, and went back to listening to the lecture.

5 minutes later, we were on a break, and I had to reboot my computer as the wireless in that section of DePaul pretty much sucks. It keeps shutting you out! I hopped back on ebay, as we had 20 minutes to kill, and the same silver corkscrew was there, but this time with a buy it now. I love it when that happens!!!

Now, the price seemed a little steep, but I couldn’t help myself–it is pictured below…


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