headsets and snackssssssssssssssssss

I hopped a flight to California yesterday…a weekend with the lovely (who had flown in earlier). So, I am sitting in my little seat towards the back of the plane, and the announcement comes on that there will be snacks available for purchase. Clearly I am not flying first class, but in a cost cutting–or profit making–effort, this un-named airline has their flight attendants cruise the aisles selling Lay’s potato chips, or alternatively "snickerdoodles" for 3 dollars. 3 DOLLARS!!!!! ~~~~~~~~~ Now, I am unsure of what a snickerdoodle is, and I really didn’t want any chips, so I just sat there and listened as each passenger said no. Of course, you could also "buy" a headset for 2 dollars so you could access the inflight entertainment. It was about this time, that another flight attendant came strolling down the opposite aisle saying, "headsets and snackssssssssssssss;" sounding more like a snake than anything else. As she said it for the second time, I looked to see if she was part snake and had a forked tongue, but couldn’t really tell. ~~~~~~~~~~~ There was another option, you could buy a personal sized water for 2 dollars as well. I passed, but when they came back around, and the girl sitting next to me asked for water when offered a beverage, the flight attendant responded "this is all the bottled water we have left"(holding up a half filled plastic cup)"if you want water, it will be ‘plane water’". I don’t know what plane water is, but it didn’t sound good. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ On a corkscrew note, Robert found a lovely bow on eBay. Quite the steal, and with a case to match (pictures below). I am hitting the Long Beach, CA flea market this weekend, and hopefully a corkscrew or two will be there for me. Then back to Chicago, then Boston, then Spring Break!!!!

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