first birdie of the year, and three corkscrews

I rented clubs and made my way to the links on Saturday to play 18. And, as luck would have it the rain in Santa Barbara let up. So, after stinking up the first hole with a triple bogey, on the next hole I grabbed my eight iron and stuck the ball 3 feet from the pin. A short tap in, and I was feeling the love! I was still rusty given this was the first time I picked up a club since last season, but a round of 96 is still not bad… ~~~~~~~ On the corkscrew front, there have been several arrivals, and a few store finds. Two of which belong to "the lovely" as she scoured a recent antique show and a few malls to find a nicely marked walker, an interesting german bell piece, and an old snifter (we passed on the snifter given the high price). And, there was another find near SB in Ventura…a blackington golf bag corkscrew. I am sure it will get snapped up at the JFO…

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