We got back from SF last night, after a couple of days of traipsing around the city–going from wine bar to wine bar to wine bar (to wine bar, to wine bar, to wine bar)! And, we also took in a SF Giants game (Barry hit is 746th)! A surprise from the lovely for my B-day. It was, the Best Birthday Ever!!!!, henceforth BBE!

little envelope in the mailbox

I was thumbing through the mail yesterday, and found a small envelope mixed in with offers to refinance, misc bills, and corkscrew packages. So, I open it up and find a little note–it had to be little given the size of the envelope–saying, here are the instructions as promised. "Instructions?," I thought to myself, and then I remembered. I had picked up a coffin guy corkscrew at Brimfield, which was promptly sold to another collector, and the dealer had "promised" to send me the paper work. And, lo and behold, here they are–albeit very rough, very crinkled, and one piece torn off. Still, they are very cool, and are now sitting with the coffin guy in my collection in the corkscrew case in the corkscrew room–yes, it has been deemed the "corkscrew room." (sometimes also known as Peter’s Room, Chris’s Room, Mark’s Room, Tommy’s Room, Don’s Room…).

global priority!

I have always been willing to ship overseas, and have almost exclusively used USPS global priority shipping. The post office provides the little envelopes or boxes and you simply fill out the appropriate stuff, pay, and off it goes. And, they always had these little envelopes (5X7) or so, that were perfect for small items (corkscrews) that would set you back about 5 dollars to almost anywhere in the world. And, it would only take about 4 days to get to the buyer. Well, with postage stamp costs increasing, there is inevitably a hike on other postage as well. So, I go to my local post office, and they inform me that they are discontinuing the use of the little global priority envelope, and will be now using a flat rate larger version. No worries i think, I have many of the little envelopes at home and will use them till I run out–however, in moving to a larger flat rate evelope …they also moved to a larger flat rate!!!! 11 dollars minimum to use global priority now!!! (OUCH!).

the corkscrew that got away…

I had a few snipes to go off yesterday, and the corkscrew that got away went for far more than my snipe. I knew it was a nice one, but refrained from going crazy for it (it is pictured below). On another note, I was looking back at past blog posts and realized that I just passed the 2 year mark of doing this thing, on a (somewhat) regular basis. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

back from VH

A quick trip, but we had a nice time in Maine. Hunter went swimming, collecting sticks, whilst avoiding lobsters. Although, if we could teach him to catch lobster, that would definitely be a plus…. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

RL, CB, and PB are all in England…apparently shooting pool for corkscrews…I wish we could have been there! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Only one snipe came thru, but there are 3 others laying in wait…

boxed syroco pictures!

The boxed syroco police doggy arrived today, and he is fabulous…the box is pretty ugly, but the corkscrew is awesome! Pictures are below…nowhere on the box is Syroco marked, however POLICE DOGGY is on the reverse side. I am convinced this would be the gift box supplied by Syroco as mentioned in their catalogs! Does anyone else have a boxed syroco?