reporting from Brimfield

Well, it would seem that any dealer that had a corkscrew with either a bone, piece of ivory, antler, horn, or any other similar substance has decided that their items are either rare, one of a kind, or museum pieces (and sometimes all three). Oddly enough, several of the corkscrews that were overpriced this year, were the very same corkscrews that I passed on last year (and still at the exact same price!!!!!). I did manage a couple of finds, I found Ron Cuttajar, Barry Taylor, Andre Burgos, and Claire Schlesser…and, there were a couple of corkscrews–an interesting clough with an unusual handle and brush attached, a noyes, and a coffin guy–the coffin guy has his original shipping box. Also, Hunter stayed at doggie day care as the temperatures were a bit warm for him. I surely would have faired better with the corkscrew-detecting-helix-hunting-hound in tow, and perhaps he will get his chance upon my next visit on Friday and Saturday. The picture below is some corkscrews I left behind…

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