flash, bottle roundlet, murphy, and sauvignon blanc

The Lovely and I just returned from Brimfield! It was a great time, and the lovely’s first visit. We managed to meander the stalls and still come up with some hidden deals. A Murphy direct pull for 10, bottle roundlet with badge for 20, a flash corkscrew for 5 bucks, and some much needed french fries. We also found many other overpriced corkscrews along the way. After making the rounds, we stopped off for a pint in Sturbridge. Now, we are back home, sipping a nice sauvignon blanc, and already discussing our next visit–although the lovely is suggesting bringing wine in order to try out each corkscrew we find next time (she estimates 2 cases). Pictures of the finds to follow, that is as soon as I find the power cord for my camera…

back to brimfield

I sent off a pair of legs, double helix clough, perille wingnut, and zig zag (without lifters) to the editor of the magazine for their photo shoot. Hopefully, they all return unscathed. And, this morning, the lovely and I are off to Brimfield. Given it started Tuesday, I don’t know what else we will find, but we shall see!