flash, bottle roundlet, murphy, and sauvignon blanc

The Lovely and I just returned from Brimfield! It was a great time, and the lovely’s first visit. We managed to meander the stalls and still come up with some hidden deals. A Murphy direct pull for 10, bottle roundlet with badge for 20, a flash corkscrew for 5 bucks, and some much needed french fries. We also found many other overpriced corkscrews along the way. After making the rounds, we stopped off for a pint in Sturbridge. Now, we are back home, sipping a nice sauvignon blanc, and already discussing our next visit–although the lovely is suggesting bringing wine in order to try out each corkscrew we find next time (she estimates 2 cases). Pictures of the finds to follow, that is as soon as I find the power cord for my camera…

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