global priority!

I have always been willing to ship overseas, and have almost exclusively used USPS global priority shipping. The post office provides the little envelopes or boxes and you simply fill out the appropriate stuff, pay, and off it goes. And, they always had these little envelopes (5X7) or so, that were perfect for small items (corkscrews) that would set you back about 5 dollars to almost anywhere in the world. And, it would only take about 4 days to get to the buyer. Well, with postage stamp costs increasing, there is inevitably a hike on other postage as well. So, I go to my local post office, and they inform me that they are discontinuing the use of the little global priority envelope, and will be now using a flat rate larger version. No worries i think, I have many of the little envelopes at home and will use them till I run out–however, in moving to a larger flat rate evelope …they also moved to a larger flat rate!!!! 11 dollars minimum to use global priority now!!! (OUCH!).