little envelope in the mailbox

I was thumbing through the mail yesterday, and found a small envelope mixed in with offers to refinance, misc bills, and corkscrew packages. So, I open it up and find a little note–it had to be little given the size of the envelope–saying, here are the instructions as promised. "Instructions?," I thought to myself, and then I remembered. I had picked up a coffin guy corkscrew at Brimfield, which was promptly sold to another collector, and the dealer had "promised" to send me the paper work. And, lo and behold, here they are–albeit very rough, very crinkled, and one piece torn off. Still, they are very cool, and are now sitting with the coffin guy in my collection in the corkscrew case in the corkscrew room–yes, it has been deemed the "corkscrew room." (sometimes also known as Peter’s Room, Chris’s Room, Mark’s Room, Tommy’s Room, Don’s Room…).

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