Syroco in a Box????

In one of the syroco catalogs I have, it explains that each Syroco would come with a box. It has long been my quest to find one of these boxes–preferably with a corkscrew inside. And, it looks as though the box has appeared, and with a black police dog inside. As my paypal account was fairly high, I decided to go against the big boys for this one, and I won out. It looks like it is time to do the syroco-corkscrew-dance-of-joy! Better pictures will be posted upon his arrival!

barnes arrives

From the photo of the eBay listing, it was hard to tell whether the Barnes had a sharp helix or not. But, with the buy it now attached to it, I didn’t really have time to confirm or deny. Well, as luck would have it it is lovely, although it isn’t marked. The other plus, is that it isn’t one of those formerly double helix Barnes, who at some point lost it’s other helix. That said, I am really really really wanting a double helix version–marked preferably. The new arrival is pictured below, as is the Clough with brush that I found at Brimfield.

flash, bottle roundlet, murphy, and sauvignon blanc

The Lovely and I just returned from Brimfield! It was a great time, and the lovely’s first visit. We managed to meander the stalls and still come up with some hidden deals. A Murphy direct pull for 10, bottle roundlet with badge for 20, a flash corkscrew for 5 bucks, and some much needed french fries. We also found many other overpriced corkscrews along the way. After making the rounds, we stopped off for a pint in Sturbridge. Now, we are back home, sipping a nice sauvignon blanc, and already discussing our next visit–although the lovely is suggesting bringing wine in order to try out each corkscrew we find next time (she estimates 2 cases). Pictures of the finds to follow, that is as soon as I find the power cord for my camera…

back to brimfield

I sent off a pair of legs, double helix clough, perille wingnut, and zig zag (without lifters) to the editor of the magazine for their photo shoot. Hopefully, they all return unscathed. And, this morning, the lovely and I are off to Brimfield. Given it started Tuesday, I don’t know what else we will find, but we shall see!

almost famous (again)

I received an interesting email yesterday requesting a few of my corkscrews for a photo shoot for a magazine. After having a phone conversation with the editor, I have chosen a few and they will be sent off today. The coolest part, is that will be featured!!! (I guess, I should revamp a few pages, and correct the typos).

jonesing for a barnes…or barnesing for a barnes…

Last year (June 11th) I was minding my business when an interesting bow appeared on ebay. I hemmed and hawed, got out my O’Leary book, and found the page which featured the 1884 Barnes patent bow. I ran back upstairs to my computer, and opened the listing again. And, already a buy it now had been added. I snapped it up–although it pretty much surpassed my average purchase price significantly. So…today, imagine my surprise when another Barnes shows up on ebay–this time the direct pull! The buy it now was high, but I jumped on it, as I wanted the companion piece… The seller claims it is unmarked, but maybe close examination will show otherwise. Now all I need is the double helix version…anyone have an extra?

reporting from Brimfield

Well, it would seem that any dealer that had a corkscrew with either a bone, piece of ivory, antler, horn, or any other similar substance has decided that their items are either rare, one of a kind, or museum pieces (and sometimes all three). Oddly enough, several of the corkscrews that were overpriced this year, were the very same corkscrews that I passed on last year (and still at the exact same price!!!!!). I did manage a couple of finds, I found Ron Cuttajar, Barry Taylor, Andre Burgos, and Claire Schlesser…and, there were a couple of corkscrews–an interesting clough with an unusual handle and brush attached, a noyes, and a coffin guy–the coffin guy has his original shipping box. Also, Hunter stayed at doggie day care as the temperatures were a bit warm for him. I surely would have faired better with the corkscrew-detecting-helix-hunting-hound in tow, and perhaps he will get his chance upon my next visit on Friday and Saturday. The picture below is some corkscrews I left behind…

the secret weapon

After much discussion with Mark Woodard of NASA, we have created a new means of rooting out corkscrews from the various antique fairs we visit. A remarkable feat in engineering, the prototype will be utilized starting tomorrow at daybreak when the first field opens at Brimfield. Pictured below, we will surely be the talk of the show!

Excited for Brimfield

It is that time of year! Yes, Brimfield starts this week, and I will be heading down Tuesday morning! What treasures will there be? Chinnocks, Curleys, Dicksons, pot bulls? Perhaps a syroco golden knight or two! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Nothing really exciting over the last couple of days as far as corkscrews, with the exception that Marky Mark won two lots at a local auction for some bar screws.