edwin jansen

I was sipping some Peet’s coffee this morning, and perused eBay for a moment, and lo and behold there was a Jansen patent sliding corkscrew just sitting there. I snapped it up, as I have always wanted one. Marked, GM PATENT, No 6145, it is an 1892 German Patent!

not to be outdone

Not to be outdone by Marky Mark, the third in our JFO-ing adventure team, sent an email to me this morning. Apparently scouring the internet for corkscrews, Tommy landed what is pictured below. The handle could use a little love, but it looks like quite the nice King’s Screw… And, I have a feeling, a replacement handle will be forthcoming.

nice piece TC!!!!!!!

mark’s steals…

I finally finished the Freire/Vygotsky/Jackson/Piaget/Bandura paper on critical constructivist theories of learning and knowing, and hopped on ebay for a moment. And, what did I see. Marky Mark snagged two syroco waiters, TWO!!!! for a total cost of 50 bucks! Then, on top of that, he found a coffin guy (in need of a little love) for a great price! Awesome Job!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I am in Chicago for a couple of hours today finishing business before the quarter ends. It is amazing how much stuff you can amass while camping out in a small room 2 days a week!

grouping for sale

The Lovely and I leave to Italy a week from today, so listing on eBay will have to wait for three weeks, when we get back. It should be a fantastic time, the first week Rome, Florence, and Venice visiting food and wine vendors for Trader Joe’s, and the second week hanging out in the Chianti region just by ourselves… So, with visions of brunello, cavatappi, and relaxation in my little head, I decided to throw together a grouping of corkscrews on here. If one of my usual readers (all 2 of you) are interested, feel free to make an offer. Paypal accepted!

sad eyed joe and the mabson/dowler

Well, the mailman came, and in a very very large box filled with styrofoam peanuts/popcorn and bubble wrap was the 1869 mabson patent corkscrew. It has a full helix, and awesome brush, and it’s marked T. Dowler Manufacturer Birmingham. A fantastic piece to add to the growing collection. Also, I picked up another Flash corkscrew, this one is a souvenir for "Sad Eye Joe Knotts Berry Farm Buena Park, Calif"

one page to go

Well, I have analyzed and synthesized (and written) more than I thought ever could about Paulo Freire…and, I have about one more page to fill with some closing remarks… Of course, the Ph.D that assigned the project also wants it turned in in person! So, I will fly to Chicago on Monday, just to turn in a paper(You think the Prof. would accept it via email). Maybe I can hit a couple of antique haunts while I am there. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

No real corkscrew news of note… I am still awaiting the Mabson/Dowler…but, I am sure it will arrive soon… And, the supposed "ringling brothers" corkscrew finally sold. It was first listed for 5000!, then week by week, he lowered the price, finally selling at 800…