no corkscrews for a couple days

It has been an interesting few days… I am trying to put together my final paper for my doctoral program (not the dissertation, just my final class) and it is slow going. Too much Freire. Too much Vygotsky. Too much Piaget. And, not enough wine of coffee–depending on the time of day. And, then, we get some crazy leak from one of the upstairs bathrooms, which resulted in my ripping out a downstairs hallway ceiling yesterday. Oh, the joys of buying a fixer-upper–the leak was fixed bytheway!. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I did spring for a Dowler Patent the other day, I have never owned one, so I figured I would snap it up–the price seemed fair. So, I guess technically there is corkscrew news…however I have not been spending much time on eBay–or here for that matter.