brimfield finds II

I hopped back in the xterra, and made it to Brimfield with plenty of time to catch up with the other corkscrew collectors in the vicinity. I waved, and nodded, and then promptly scooted around them as the doors opened. And, by the second booth there was a lovely little tusk/horn corkscrew with silver. A neat little direct pull, it is pictured below next to another recent find to give an idea of size. I hit the rest of the booths in the area, and managed a brass wine barrel tap, a little ogre corkscrew from Norway, and finally a sheathless 1800’s picnic…I know I will never find a sheath to fit it, but it is quite nice with a sharp helix ( and it was cheap!). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Barry Taylor and I met up to talk corkscrews, eBay, and work some corkscrew trades… And, then I headed back. It was a quick trip, but was well worth the drive. I will definitely be going back in September!