tomorrow knight, an unfortunate brimfield find, and a corkscrew for me

Well, the golden night ends tomorrow and it is only at 1625$–I know there are snipes set, but I wonder if it will actually hit the 3000 mark? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Yesterday at Brimfield there were plenty of corkscrews that I left behind. Largely because they were overpriced. And, what was remarkably funny, was that there were at least 8 of the blackington sterling boot corkscrew–all marked in the 300-400+ range. Needless to say, I can almost guarantee that those same 8 will be there for the September show. The first photo below is of the sad little corkscrew that got left behind. There is was just sitting on the table, and I spotted if from across another booth. I skipped over to it, and saw the lund lever…well, part of a lund lever…the picture pretty much tells it all.
And, I won a corkscrew on without having to pay an arm and a leg. The picture was somewhat fuzzy, and the little prize was paired with a key corkscrew…but, if you look closely you will see the telling embossed casing of an 1870 coney and co. roundlet corkscrew. When it arrives, I will look closely for markings, but if you have Ferd and Bert’s new book, you will see a similar one on page 118, figure 722.