what was BERGER’s of San Francisco

I had seen this corkscrew on eBay when it first was listed, and figured it would be selling high shortly, as many of this type do. And, then with a day to go, the piece was just languishing there. Not high, but with a couple of bids. I went to auctionsniper and placed a high bid, well…high for me. I went about my business, ran to the post office, sanded some old doors, walked the dog, washed the lovely’s car, and read a couple of pages of Joanne Harris’ latest offering, and then the auction ended. And, my snipe won out! Now, what is this treasured little opener? It is a pair of ladies legs, but instead of clad in celluloid, they are steel–much rarer than the celluloid variety, these ones are an advertisement piece for "BERGER’S, SAN FRANCISCO." My question is who or what was BERGER’S?; a wine shop? a restaurant? a wine importer? (I anticipate a little research in my future). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
After a little research, I hit sfgeneology.com which has links to some great databases, specifically phone book records dating back into the 1890s and forward. I started with the late 1890’s and found some Berger’s and some business with Berger’s in the name, but nothing that seems to make sense, as I got to 1905-1907 the same thing happened. Then, I tried a little later in time, and found a phone book data base for 1915, a picture of the page is below. It has a listing for BERGER’S clothing and haberdashery… A later phone book refers to the business as "men’s clothing and haberdashery." Could they have been the BERGER’s on the legs?