Itty Bitty Tools

So, the lovely calls me shortly after leaving this morning to let me know that there is an estate sale up the street starting at 9. I grabbed a cup of coffee and wandered around the corner and there it was… After waiting a couple of minutes, we were allowed inside. I headed for the kitchen–no corkscrews… Searched the entire first floor–no corkscrews. Went to the second floor and attic–No corkscrews… Then, I headed to the basement. I have always had good luck in basements, as oftentimes one’s tool box would include an opener or corkscrew. I mean, if you are using power tools, a decent bottle of cabernet is a must. And, today the basement paid off. Not in a huge way, but as I meandered around the work bench, and found the pieces pictured below. Two openers, one corkscrew, for a whopping price of 75 cents!