Vinalhaven and Syroco Pickwick Brush

The lovely and I spent the weekend in Vinalhaven, Maine. A quick trip, but it was fun reclaim our house there. We have had a year-round renter there for going on three years, and now that she is gone, we have decided to keep it as our vacation home. So, we spent the time loading in dishes, silverware, and the like, and discovered 3 vintage corkscrews that I must have picked up at some point. Nothing rare, but a Walker, Clough, and a decent waiter all will be put into use on the next trip. We did stop off at a local flea market on the way up and picked up a Pickwick Brush (pictured below). And, we happened upon an antique show not to far from Rockland, but we were there a bit early. (Shhhhhhhhhh, we managed to sneak in for a bit, and meandered around until we were found out).