news from Elm Bank

Well, there were 150 dealers, many with lovely items, 3 with corkscrews. The first had 4 different pieces, all priced at 65$ a piece. Another had some lovely silver adorned pieces; Walker’s, Hasselbrings, and the like, but her prices were quite high (well over 300-400). The last was one dealer who had the Blackington Sterling Boot–he wanted 175. So, we left the show with no corkscrews, but we did pick up an old Moxie bottle for a friend. All in all, it was a great show; very very nice things, just nothing that would facilitate the withdrawal of a cork–without having to withdraw too much from one’s bank account.

more will & finck

So, I get this email from Mark this morning, which has an eBay link to the same will & finck corkscrew mentioned yesterday. And, indeed, the same person who bought the piece on eBay, is the one who is now featuring it on his website. We must have been out of town when the W & F piece was eBayed, as I didn’t remember seeing it. That said, seeing the ending price would explain why my offer was refused. Heck, my offer was so low in comparison, I am surprised he didn’t break out in hysterics!

The lovely and I are heading to Wellesley this morning to the Elm Bank Antiques show, perhaps some corkscrews and vintage handbags will be found…! I will update later with pictures from the adventure!