walker and devil

I was finishing up some last details before we head off to Vinalhaven for a couple days, and I hit a search on eBay. And, what would appear but a Walker corkscrew with metal handle and hook on the side–that is the only way can describe it, as I have yet to find out if there was a name for the piece…perhaps a metal hallboy, as there is a wood handled piece with a similar hook known as "the hallboy." Anyway, I look at the piece, and it has some surface rust, and I already have one, but there is a buy it now on the item. I snapped it up, and went on about my business. A short while later, I received an email which read, "I guess I shouldn’t have made that trip to Home Depot. Congrats on my BIN request." (I will not divulge the name of the sender). Of course, a short while later, I received another email sharing another BIN, this one for a red devil–for 20 bucks. I guess it pays to refresh your computer, and NOT go to Home Depot!