the show, being out sniped, and the lew patent

The Marion Antiques show was quite impressive…not many corkscrews amongst the 70 dealers however. In fact, 69 dealers had no corkscrews. Then, I walked up an aisle and saw a Thomason sitting in a case. I could feel my pace quicken as I got closer, and then I saw who the dealer was. And, knowing that the dealer was well versed in corkscrews, my pace slowed a bit. I still looked at the piece, and it was lovely…but, it was also 2800$! I left the show with no corkscrews, but picked up a couple of pieces at the local antique mall, and talked to the owner of another shop who has several corkscrews and offered to drive them up to "the highlands" this coming week as he will be in our area. How cool is that!
And, last night in the course of one hour, I was out sniped by Peter, out sniped by Tommy, and out sniped by some other screwy collector on a third piece! GRRRRRR!!!!
Today however, Phil-the-mail-carrier, delivered the much awaited lew patent prong puller. It is a great piece, with a perfect finish. It is unsigned, but a cool addition to the collection–although, it will probably end up being traded for something else… Anyone want to offer?

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