they’re everywhere!

So…I don’t know how it is in your house. Some of you may have rooms designated for corkscrews. Some of you may have houses designated for corkscrews. And, I am sure there are a couple of you that simply have corrugated receptacles wherein corkscrews can be found. Here, in our new digs in Newton Highlands, I set up the corkscrew case in the guestroom on the second floor. And, for the most part, that is where the corkscrews will be found.

On occasion however, one or two, or twelve, or thirty corkscrews may find their way to other parts of the house. There are some on the shelf in the living room, two next to me on the coffee table at this very moment, probably 3 or 4 in the night stand (they come in handy), at least one in the glove box of my car (again, there are those emergencies), and the several requisite corkscrews in the drawer in the kitchen.

The lovely, moments ago, was taking some plants out of the back of her car, and made a new discovery. A beautiful large two tooled bow corkscrew. "They’re everywhere!" she remarked.

Of course, given that her car is a Nissan Xterra. And, that there is a first aid kit located within the hatch of the car, it would only make sense that a corkscrew would find its way to said location.