putting together a best 6

November 1 is the deadline for the best 6 for the Quarterly Worme (the publication of the CCCC). Last year, there were only a few that were submitted, so I have been e-urging people to put together their 6’s and submit them for publication. That said, compiling a best 6 is not an easy task; unless of course I mean, you have only found 6 corkscrews all year.

In looking at the various members past best 6’s, they take different takes on the practice. For me, I stick to the best 6 acquired during the calendar year. Pictured below are a 3 of corkscrews which I am considering. Of course, the best 6 isn’t due for a week, so these may change. It is entirely possible that something remarkable will find its way into the collection over the next couple of days.


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