the only bidder

It doesn’t happen often, but every once in a while an item is listed on eBay for a week, and it gets one solitary lonely bid. Now, if you are the seller of said item, that is a problem. If you are the buyer of said item, cool beans!

And, last night this happened several times. DB won a collection of matchbook covers, one of which is an ad for "the corkscrew" presumably a pub/bar of some kind, and I picked up a 1950’s 8×10 photo of the corkscrew collection at Christian Brothers, and a 1899 Converse patent cork puller with advertising across the sheath.

Now, you might say… "well, perhaps you were the only bidder because no one else would want those, that, or this." Perhaps that is true, but I say keep ’em coming!


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