no longer a registered user

Not me. No, I have played too long on eBay to eschew the rules that govern the ubiquitous site. But, a seller whose item I recently purchased has now turned up as un-registered, in other words, kicked off of eBay. I have a pretty strong feeling the corkscrew will still show up, as I know who the person is, but it is an interesting turn of events.

Actually, I have noticed this happening with increasing frequency. Has eBay caught on to people buying and selling off of eBay, shilling bidding on their own items, and other eBay shenanigans? Or, is there a new corkscrew bidding cop on the scene—reporting these guys?

That all said, the lovely and I slipped out of town for a couple days and got back last night. No corkscrews on the weekend, but a great time was had by all. Seeing that it is only Sunday, however, there may be some corkscrewing yet!