more shoe polish and a bennit

After receiving an email from DB regarding the aforementioned shoe polish corkscrew, I am was even more excited to receive the piece. Don directed me to Ron Maclean’s book on William Rockwell Clough, and on page 55 and 56, a very similar shoe polish corkscrew is pictured.

It would seem that given the use of the corkscrew–to apply shoe polish to women’s and children’s shoes–finding this corkscrew in the original shape (unused) has to be fairly unusual. A nice addition to the growing William Rockwell Clough collection!

On another note, I was sitting here drinking coffee (as I am prone to do) and a Bennit patent that was listed for 5 dollars, suddenly ended, and was relisted with a Buy It Now. No, I didn’t ask for the BIN, but I did take advantage of it. Only to receive an email moments later which reads, "Now you really owe me!!! That Bennit was mine. I love doing all the work for you."

I will keep the emailer/binner’s id secret, but as soon as I snapped up the BIN, I knew there would be an email to follow!