at last….bartholomay!

There is an interesting twist to the auctions held at the JFO (just for openers) convention. An item is put up for bid, and as the auction nears the end, the auctioneer says, "seller beware." This allows the seller to pull back the item, if the reserve price that he/she has come up with hasn’t been hit.

And, what does this have to do with the price of tea in China?, you may ask…

Well, at the Nashville JFO a couple of years ago, there was a Bartholomay roundlet corkscrew, which I had tried to trade for, and then later it was put up for auction. I bid, bid, and bid again only to have it pulled back by the seller at the end (devastating).

Last night, however, a similar roundlet corkscrew on eBay ended. I had a snipe set, and hoped that it would win the piece. It wasn’t a high/big snipe, just a fair one. And, this morning, the confirmation email was sitting proudly in my in-box. All is right in the world, as there is a Bartholomay Rochester Corkscrew heading my way.