marked chinnock patent

Last April at the JFO, Mark and I went to several antique markets (leading up to the convention) on the hunt for corkscrews. And, at one locale, I had run across a marked Chinnock patent corkscrew. The price was a little high, but I kept it in mind as Mark and I played phone tag talking about our discoveries. With all booths exhausted, Mark and I met up. And, the rain began to fall, we discussed the chinnock and headed over to check it out. After some negotations, and with the rain falling harder, the dealer’s price went down. Mark bought the piece, and we headed to the closest pub!!!

I (kind of) regretted not forking over the money on the chinnock, but was pleased that Mark got it. Well, as luck would have it. I just found a similar one. Marked "CHINNOCK’S PATENT, MAY 27 1862", it is a great piece for the collection!