my new favorite antique dealer

There is this little antique mall about a mile from my house, that I found shortly after our move. On that first visit, I found a couple of signed Murphy pieces. Since then…nothing. Well last week, I headed down, and one of the dealers asked me if I was looking for anything special. I answered yes, and mentioned corkscrews.

She said she had a couple at home, and did I have a card. Well, as luck would have it, I had one of my business cards on me (it has a picture of a bennit patent on it) and she promised to bring in a couple of corkscrews for me. Then she looked closely at the card, and remarked that she had the very same corkscrew sitting in her kitchen drawer… (interesting, I thought)

I happened to have some spare time after class today, and headed back down to the mall. Her space was closed, but a fellow dealer recognized me, and said she did bring in the corkscrews for me. He unlocked the door, and we entered the space. I looked at the shelf, and there was a common wooden piece sitting there. I picked it up, mildly disappointed, and then saw another helix hidden behind a picture frame. "It looks like a DICO," I thought…, and then the dealer handed it to me. It was a DICO!

I walked away with both, for a very very very fair price. And, he asked if she should bring her others. I emphatically said, "YES!"

I can hardly wait!

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