a browne, but not the browne I expected

A while back, I had seen an interesting can opener / corkscrew, that I knew I had seen before. I snapped it up on a Buy it Now(that I believe was about 8 dollars. I can’t quite remember). So, when the item arrived, I read through the various corkscrew books, and found the same corkscrew pictured in Fred O’Leary’s book on page 98. A William Brown patent, marked PAT. AUG 16, 1898. I was quite pleased.

Well, this last week, I saw three openers (one with a corkscrew) that had a similar shape. I figured, I would snag another Browne patent (the picture wasn’t very clear, but it looked similar) and I would use it as trade bait.

The openers arrived yesterday, and I got was an interesting surprise. It is indeed a Browne patent, but instead is William Browne’s patent number 654,089 and is marked, albeit faintly with, "PAT 8-16-98", and "6-26 & 7-17-1900." Check the pictures below, and then O’Leary page 112!

This one will be staying in the collection!

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